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If you require dimensional steadiness, high volumes and best surface qualities – and become tired of low quality castings or pricey CNC machined parts – then our die-casting service can be your solution. Three Cast offers better-quality solutions for all your manufacturing requirements.

Three Cast includes an innovative mechanical die casting plant along with the technologically sophisticated die casting tools. We have executed computerized work units and deal with the monitors to minimize the amount of waste. It allows us to create consistently high-class work, which goes beyond the anticipations of our clients. We also apply strict quality-control steps to notice and remove any product deficits.

Our technology for superior die casting

We carry on investing in high-tech machines as well as technology in order to offer process constancy, accuracy, and reduced effort. The blending of high technology casting process and a professional staff of technicians enables us to provide your product needs.

We are specialized in:

  • Conventional casting
  • Vacuum casting
  • Stamp PIN Casting
  • Low speed casting
  • Solid filled casting
  • D-Flow Casting

Using above structure, we develop the finish and ferocity of the surface of your products. It ensures that our customer get just the highest quality job from our team.

Aluminum Casting

Our innovative aluminum casting process offers numerous significant benefits like-

  • Customization- This assists in the production of intricate designs and shapes, making it simple to modify the casting to definite methods of manufacturing.
  • Higher rates: The die castings with Aluminum alloy allow the parts to be made at some higher rate in contrast to other metal-based alloys.
  • Lightweight but strong- Our aluminum castings present an extremely appreciated blend of light mass and better strength.
  • Low charge- The parts of aluminum die cast are usually cheaper than the alloys of any other metal.
  • Versatile and corrosion resistant- Our aluminum casting is very flexible and offer superb resistance against the rust.

For any die casting solution, we always try to get the most appropriate and low-priced but highly effective method to create your castings no matter whether it is for several heavy castings or single light castings.

Total Casting Machinery

TOYO Automation Die-Casting Machine 650 Ton : 1 Unit
TOYO Automation Die-Casting Machine 350 Ton : 8 Units
TOYO Automation Die-Casting Machine 250 Ton : 12 Units
TOYO Automation Die-Casting Machine 125 Ton : 6 Units
TOSHIBA Automation Die-Casting Machine 250 Ton : 4 Units
TOSHIBA Automation Die-Casting Machine 350 Ton : 4 Units
Total Casting : 34 Units
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